NBA Results

The NBA is one of the most popular leagues of any sport in the world. Every October, 30 teams start their journey for the year’s NBA championship. As players play the game in top form led by NBA superstars Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Dwyane Wade, fans around the world follow NBA results and statistics closely.

NBA Results for the Regular Season

The NBA regular season starts during fall in North America, following a summer break when teams sign free agents, draft players, and complete trades to retool their roster. Before the NBA regular season, each team holds training camps which allows the coaching staff to install their offensive and defensive philosophy to the team, help newly-acquired players learn the team’s system, and evaluate the players’ talent and skill level to determine the specific role of their players once the season starts

During the training camp, NBA teams play each other in friendly preseason games. These preseason games are important for coaches to determine the unit of players that work well against certain teams. The interest of fans and punters also pick up during the preseason as the NBA results for each game is released. Betting lines for preseason NBA results are available from top online sports books. During the preseason, teams are allowed to play as many players as they wish so that they can fully evaluate each player and make the necessary roster decisions.

The first day of the NBA season starts at the last week of October. Before an NBA team’s first regular season game, teams must select their final 15-man roster and cut the rest of the players from the team. Players who do not make the team move on to sign with another team with an available roster spot, or move on to play in European leagues or in the NBA Development League.

Each team plays 82 games from the months spanning November to April. Of the 82 games, each team plays 41 games at home and another 41 games on the road. Once the season starts, games are played almost every night and fans can keep track of NBA results online. Unlike other professional sports leagues, NBA teams play each other more than once. An NBA team faces opponents from the same division four times a year, teams from other divisions of the same conference two or three times a year, and teams in the opposite conference twice a year.

NBA teams have a demanding game schedule. They occasionally play in consecutive days and have to endure long flights on the road. Each team plays as many as five games per week. With an 82 game schedule over 6 months, punters and fans view the NBA season like a marathon. You can find NBA results with the games of your favourite team from top sports websites. You can also find NBA results from your favourite online sports books. Online sports books usually provide real-time NBA results and score tracking complete with stats that will help punters decide their next bet.

NBA Results and Season Records

Team and individual awards are handed out to the standouts during the regular season. The highest award given to a player is the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP). The MVP and other NBA awards are selected by the media through a voting system. Voting for the MVP is based on NBA results and the individual players’ statistics as well as the team’s winning record. Other season awards include the Sixth Man of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, All-NBA Teams, and All-NBA Defensive Teams. The best rookie for the season is awarded the Rookie of the Year Award.

The record for the most regular season wins in NBA history is 72 wins by the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls. The ’96 Bulls led by Michael Jordan broke the record of 69 wins set by Los Angeles Lakers in 1971-1972. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won the most NBA MVP award with 6 MVPs followed by Michael Jordan and Bill Russell with five.

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points for the highest individual scoring game in the NBA. The only other player who came close to Chamberlain’s record is Kobe Bryant, when he scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors during the 2005-2006 season.

NBA Results for the Playoffs and Finals

After the gruelling 82 game season, 8 teams from each conference fight for the chance to play in the NBA Finals in a series-knockout system called the NBA playoffs. Each playoff series can go as long as 7 games. The first team to win four games in the series will advance to the next round. NBA results in the playoffs are closely watched by fans and punters alike because they generate the most amount of interest leading to the NBA Finals. Once the NBA Finals kick in millions of fans around the world watch the best team from each conference battle it out in a 7-game series. Fans who cannot watch the game tune in to NBA results from news media outlets, radio, internet, and on their mobile phones.

Betting on NBA Results

Betting on NBA results is one of the most enjoyable betting activities in sports. There are a wide variety of bets that punters can make within one game. Since all NBA results are real time, punters can back a team on different betting lines as the game goes on.

An NBA basketball game is one of the most dynamic and fluid game in the world. The teams play in a fast pace during the course of the game and many things can happen as the scores changes and the momentum swings from one team to another. Scoring and lead changes can happen from minute to minute, so punters are always on alert to make the best bet possible during the game. Although betting on NBA results is less certain compared to other sports such as football or hockey because of the constant score changes, the uncertainly puts punters on tilt and makes betting even more exciting.